Hi, I’m Len.

Join me as we explore how to share the message of Jesus today. My goal is to help you navigate the digital landscape and activate new insights to improve your effectiveness through creativity and innovation.

I write from a Christian perspective and mainly focus on:

  • Writing, Publishing, and Platforming

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • Leadership

  • Scripture

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About Invite Resources

100% of subscriber revenue at this Substack goes to support the mission and ministry of Invite Resources.

At Invite, we exist to build a like-hearted community of influencers who are high on Jesus, low on politics, and biased toward innovation. 

Our mission is to share the promise of Christ's New Creation. We leverage innovative methods of publishing and platforming to help authors and influencers with their message and to invite all people to discover a deeper faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our current vision is to produce beautiful books through Invite Press that are national in scope, immediate in relevance, and life changing in influence. Additionally, we are developing other imprints and platforms, as well as other ministry initiatives.

Invite Resources works come from a Wesleyan/Arminian theological perspective and emphasize the Lordship of Jesus Christ, minimize partisan politics, and are biased toward innovation over institutionalism. 

We hope our resources help you to understand what it means to live like Jesus.

Invite Resources is non-profit and a ministry of St. Andrew Methodist Church of Plano, Texas. We began operations on the first day of COVID-19 shelter-in-place, March 16, 2020. For more about our values, click here. To meet our team, click here.

About Invite Press

Invite Press is the official imprint of Invite Resources and is a premier publisher for books to help you grow in your Christian faith. Invite Press publishes books that matter to the everyday life of following Jesus as well as those that apply to the work of full-time ministry. We are focused on resources that benefit God’s kingdom.

We like to ask ourselves, how do you do publishing in the kingdom of heaven? This question has led to what we believe are some innovative approaches to Christian publishing:


We see authors as more than writers; they are thought leaders. Invite is committed to collaborating with authors to produce a variety of media to convey their message, including beautiful, well-written books; video content, and more, and to position them to excel in other mediums, including teaching and speaking venues. We hope to cultivate authors to speak to their strengths. Our strategic goal is to create an ecosystem of thought leadership in which Invite authors benefit from a virtuous cycle of mutual support and encouragement.


Invite publishes people, not products. This means we cultivate people, not just book proposals. We offer a "boutique" publishing experience with an emphasis on partnership and collaboration. We seek to help authors discover and develop their ministry brand through the publishing process, and we are committed to putting real resources into the successful marketing of individual books and the long-term personal brand of the author. Our promise to authors is to create a better publishing experience.

For more on our editorial standards, click here.

More About Len Wilson

Len Wilson’s life mission is to use oral, written and visual communication with equal effectiveness in telling the story of Jesus Christ. He is a “master wordsmith and communicator,” “creative master,” “thought leader,” and according to one Fulbright scholar, “captures the future of language.”

As Invite Publisher, Len seeks to create a culture of ideation, where content makers have the opportunity to share their God-given gifts. Invite launched on the first day of shelter in place, March 16, 2020.

Before stepping out to launch a new publishing ministry, Len was Creative Director at St. Andrew Methodist Church in Plano, Texas, a worshipping congregation of over 7000 active constituents. Previously, Len served as Creative and Communications Director at Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, GA, and as Senior Leadership Editor at Abingdon Press, the main imprint of the United Methodist Publishing House.

A pioneer in the use of visual media and storytelling in church life, Len first practiced his calling as a 24-year old Media Minister, leading the creative arts ministry of Ginghamsburg Church, one of the great stories of late 20th century Methodism in America. From 1995 to 2000, he oversaw the growth of a fledgling volunteer ministry into a nationally recognized program of innovation and effectiveness during a period in which weekly church attendance tripled to over 4000. Working with a high-powered team of staff and volunteers, Len produced effective communication of deep theological concepts in ways that informed, inspired, and entertained.

Since 1996, he has led thousands of churches to more innovative ways of doing ministry through speaking, writing, coaching, and through two parachurch companies he co-founded and led. His second company, Midnight Oil Productions, served a client database of 20,000 churches. He has keynoted and led workshops at over 200 events including the National Worship Leader Conference, Worship Facilities Expo, the United Methodist Association of Communicators, Church of the Resurrection Leadership Institute, Festival of Homiletics, Disney Creativity Conference, National Association of Broadcasters, ShowBiz Expo, and many more. His professional experience has created exposure and friendships in a wide variety of church social locations, including the mainline worlds of United Methodism and Presbyterianism, the evangelical world, and the megachurch world.

Len has served as Project Advisor for doctoral students at George Fox University, as Adjunct Professor at Northwest Nazarene University, and has been a guest lecturer in several seminaries and graduate schools. He is a friend and influencer of church leaders.

Len has written and co-written twelve books on theology, church, creativity, and communication, including Telos: The Hope of Heaven TodayGreater Things: The Work of the New CreationThink Like a Five Year Old: Reclaim Your Wonder and Create Great Things; Taking Flight with Creativity; and The Wired Church. He has written and been featured in dozens of articles and podcasts for major religious periodicals.

As a producer and director of dozens of short films, Len has won Silver and Bronze Telly Awards, and interned at CBS Television City in Hollywood, CA. Since 1996, Len has consulted and coached church staffs on creativity and communications throughout the United States. His annual list of the fastest growing congregations is known throughout Methodism. Len has served as member and advisor to several denominational and parachurch boards and agencies.

A summa cum laude graduate of McMurry University, Len earned his Master of Arts degree in the innovative Religious Communication program at United Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry degree in Semiotics and Future Studies from Portland Seminary. In addition, Len did master’s course study work at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania, prior to pursuing a call to ministry.

Len lives daily life under the lordship of Jesus Christ, has been married since 1991, and is father to four creative young adults.

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